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Catch Seafood Installs TouchPoint

Catch Seafood is Ponteland's newest eatery. With beautiful fresh seafood, it's the third restaurant of the Catch Seafood saga.

They have beautifully transformed what was The Wagon into a modern, inviting new restaurant and bar. They opted for 5 touchscreen tills running ICRTouch TouchPoint and all connected to TouchOfficeWeb - the cloud-based back office.

The 2 main tills are on each bar with cash drawers to allow for tables to be paid at these points as well as bar drinks to be processed. The other 3 tills have been placed in positions optimum for maximum efficiency for their front of house team to process orders.

We programmed the tills so that drinks will print at a dedicated bar printer meaning there is a much smaller chance of drinks being missed from the customers' bill. This set-up means drinks will not leave the bar until a check for them has been printed and the bar team has poured them and set them ready for the front of house to serve at the table.

Once the check is stored it is automatically on the guests' bill reducing human errors and forgetful mistakes which can easily happen in such busy venues.

The management team behind Catch Seafood are multi-site operators, meaning the cloud-based back office was ideal for their business. The management team can quickly log in and view live sales data from their Ponteland site as well as have access to historic accurate reports.

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