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Porky's World of BBQ

Porky's World of BBQ owner's enquired with Newcastle Tills to install a new system in time for their grand opening. We installed 2 Sam4s 4846 touchscreen tills running TouchPoint alongside 4 Lenovo handheld tablets running PocketTouch for paperless ordering.

We installed a robust split management and guest WiFi solution which was both able to keep up with capacity and maintain speeds of a busy restaurant.

PocketTouch is a great tool for up-selling. You can count on it to ask the right questions at the right time of taking a customers order.


"Sure! "Would you like to add a side? A sauce maybe?"

As you'll know up-selling in a restaurant is an essential part of revenue growth, however, staff can sometimes forget to ask when busy or inexperienced.  PocketTouch protects this revenue stream as well as maintaining a much faster service. this means you can turn over more tables, quicker and not compromise on service or revenue sacrifice.

To learn more about PocketTouch and it's many benefits please contact our sales office and we'll be happy to offer you a free on-site demo with no obligation.


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