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Case Studies

PaymentSense Integration at the Free Trade Inn

Our engineers recently installed 2 new PaymentSense card machines which integrated into the Free Trade Inn's ICRTouch TouchPoint till system. This will allow for much faster service for taking card payments in this very busy pub (look at its amazing location and fantastic beer selection to know why it's so busy).

An integrated card reader saves time and is more accurate removing human error for entering amounts on the till.

We also linked their ICRTouch TouchPoint till to ICRTouch TouchOfficeWeb cloud-based back office. This is a brilliant tool for any business. From a single till to multiple tills in multiple sites, this solution grows at the same rate as your business - eliminating excess capital expense at the start of your business journey.  TouchOfficeWeb allows you to remotely view live sales data as well as view historical reports filtered to show just the information you need.

We'd be happy to give you a full demonstration of ICRTouch's suite of EPoS software to meet your requirements. Please contact us.

Hope and Anchor Hotel

The Hope & Anchor Hotel is located in the heart of the beautiful seaside village of Alnmouth. It has 8 en-suite bedrooms, a bar, and an Italian Restaurant. They needed a reliable, efficient EPoS system to cope with the demands of a busy hotel.

We installed a Sam4s 4846 running TouchPoint alongside 6 PocketTouch devices for handheld, paperless ordering. Orders are taken at the table and sent straight to the kitchen to be cooked. The added functionality of being able to print bills from the handhelds allows for a smoother, faster service for the restaurant.

PocketTouch is a great tool for any busy restaurant. It comes with many benefits and can help grow your income and yet decrease your expenses on labor and lost stock. To find out how, please contact our sales department who'd be happy to show you with a free, no-obligation demonstration.

ORA Tynemouth Case Study

Our client originally had only 2 tills running ICRTouch TouchPoint. With it being such a busy venue our clients asked for an additional 2 OKPOS Z-9000 touchscreen tills. We installed both units mounted to the wall and integrated them into Ora's existing system. This allowed for a large increase in their operational capacity as well as a faster turnaround for service.

ICRTouch offers a range of software to increase efficiency. From PocketTouch handheld ordering, simple integration of more TouchPoint tills into a network to the cloud-based back office TouchOfficeWeb.

We have found their software to be very end-user friendly allowing managers to quickly train new staff. With powerful reporting, your management team can quickly access your financial information with live data from your system.

We can happily advise on the optimum system for your venue. Please contact a member of our team who'll be happy to help.

Buddha Lounge Tynemouth

After 4 years Buddha Lounge found their till a little cluttered with old menu items that were no longer needed. They approached Newcastle Till Company to re-program their tills to co-inside with their new menu launch. We worked closely with the food and beverage manager and started to re-design their till from the ground up.

This meant the till was fresh and less cluttered with only the live PLUs active on the till. We also gave the management team a full training session on how to reduce cluttered PLU lists for the future - keeping their system neat and efficient.

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